Blue Mountains Artist: Landscape Painting, Wood Sculptures and Commissions

About Dirk Romeyn

Dirk Romeyn Artist

A local Artist and Craftsman

Dirk Romeyn is a truly  local artist,  born in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales on the east coast of Australia. He is proud of his local heritage as well as his dutch ancestry.

Dirk is a wood craftsman and carpenter by trade, with over 45 years experience. His deep knowledge and love of the mystery and beauty of the Blue Mountains inspires his work and life.

Dirk creates unique wooden sculptures and furniture, and his paintings reflect the breathtaking beauty of the natural landscapes in the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. His works continue to be exhibited and sought after in Australia and internationally and are a wonderful souvenir of any visit.


Dirk's landscape paintings and woodwork are regularly exhibited in local and National exhibitions. Recent exhibitions include:

Guest Artist at Gallery Blackheath 2016

'Off the Wall' 3D exhibition  Blackheath - 2 commendations

'Infinities of Blue'  exhibition NSW Parliament House

Artwork Sales

Dirk's art works available for sale are flagged accordingly and can be purchased online or by filling out the contact form. They can be viewed in his studio by prior appointment. Printed cards are also available for purchase online. Landscape prints and fabric may be purchased by arrangement.


Dirk also produces paintings and woodwork by commission. If you prefer to purchase a personalised painting or woodwork please make an appointment to visit Dirk's studio.